Tourmax Marathon, the flip-up adventure helmet conceived for all the Enduro and Maxi Enduro motorcycles owners

Tourmax Marathon is the first flip-up adventure helmet on the market designed for all owners of enduro and maxi enduro motorcycles.

Tourmax is the first flip-up helmet adventure on the market conceived for all the enduro and maxi enduro motorcycles owners.

As result of the long experience gained by Caberg, the first Italian company to produce flip-up helmets, the Tourmax Marathon, 100% Made in Italy, is equipped with a peak that automatically moves close to the visor when opening the chin guard in order to minimize air resistance.

The Caberg flip-up adventure helmet comes with the dual homologation P/J which allows to ride with the chin guard open guaranteeing safety thanks to the lever P/J on the left hand side of the helmet. This lever, when in the “J” position, blocks the chin guard in the fully opened position avoiding the chin guard to accidentally close. Tourmax Marathon is a new generation adventure helmet that can also be used without the peak: inside the box, two screws are supplied as standard, allowing a quick switch.

Tourmax Marathon is available in the two color combinations Matt Black/White/Anthracite and Matt Black/White/Yellow Fluo.




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