Mirrored Visor: One of the coolest options for your helmet

A mirrored visor is the accessory that gives an extra touch of personality to your helmet.

Casco caberg drift evo carbon con visiera specchiata

A mirrored visor is the accessory that gives an extra touch of personality to your helmet.

Why to choose a mirrored visor

When choosing a helmet, safety and comfort come first. While selecting your ideal “travel companion”, comfort is a must and there can’t be compromises with regards to safety.

But since your helmet should be a treat for the eyes as well, you’ll surely look for the graphic or color version that suits your taste. And then? How to make it look more personal? One option could be to choose a spare mirrored visor as alternative to the standard clear one.

Let’s find out more about mirrored visors.

Mirrored Visors: the features

Mirrored visors not only enhance the aesthetics of the helmet, but they are also highly functional while riding, thanks to the special coating.

The mirrored visors, block UVA and UVB rays, relieving the strain on vision and reduce eye fatigue of the driver especially on sunny days.

Moreover, mirrored visors make your helmet visually more captivating and unique. The Gold or silver finish will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

The AVALON X full-face with gold mirrored visor
The AVALON X full-face with gold mirrored visor


Whether you are evaluating for a mirrored visor, we recommend you to first verify the possibility to use it on the road in accordance with the local laws;

In fact, not all the mirrored visors have the homologation for the use on the road, but only on private or public racetracks. This important information can be found inside the visor package and it is essential to follow it in accordance of the law.

Caberg helmets models and spare mirrored visors available:

Caberg helmets feature a clear anti- scratch visor, and most of the time also an anti-fog lens and an integrated sunshade visor, in order to grant optimum visibility, protection primarily to the eyes, prevents stones, insects, and rain/moisture.

But, for a more unique helmet look, there are available, in after-market, various colored Caberg visors. Depending on the different ridings needs, Caberg offers many spare visors for the majority of the helmets in the range.

There are two main categories of tinted visors with different levels of light transmittance; if the visor has a % transmittance above 35, it means that you are allowed to use it everywhere on the road during the day; while if it is below 35%,  you are allowed to use it only on private or public racetracks.

  • Mirrored Visors
  • Darkly tinted Visors

With regard to Mirrored Visors, here’s a list of spare visors available for Caberg models:

  • AVALON X – Full face helmet with mirrored silver or gold visors (40/45%) homologated only for day-time use only;
  • DRIFT EVO II (Model available starting from Spring 2024) – full face model with Gold mirrored visors (40/50% and 20/25%) or Silver mirrored visors (40/50% and 20/25%);
  • DUKE EVO – Flip-up model with Silver mirrored visor 40/45%;
  • FLYON II – Open face model with a silver mirrored visor as well as a mirrored gold one (20/25%).


So, now it’s time for you to browse and choose the perfect Caberg helmet and visor for you!


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