ECE 22.06 homologation: what is it about and what are Caberg approved helmet models.

The new ECE 22.06 European motorcycle helmet testing standard will ensure even greater safety: let’s find out what is the new standard about.

The new ECE 22.06 European motorcycle helmet testing standard will ensure even greater safety: let’s find out what is the new homologation about.

For a motorcyclist addict there is nothing more exciting than going on a new motorcycle adventure. Does it happen sometimes to you while riding, you just want to set aside a few hours to enjoy your free time and get daily problems off your mind?

Well, to really enjoy your ride, safety must come first!

The ECE 22.05 homologation standard was implemented in early 2000s to make sure each crash helmet for sale in Europe had to pass a series of rigorous tests before it could be sold. Starting from 2021 the new ECE 22.06 regulation came into force. Let’s see what the new homologation is about and discover which Caberg helmet models are ECE 22.06 approved.

Differences between ECE 22.05 and 22.06.

As the years went by, there have been significant technological, design and engineering advancements in motorcycle helmet production, therefore requiring an update of the homologation standards.

ECE 22.06 homologation

The differences between the two homologations focus on the endurance tests of the new 22.06 homologation with more requirements and more impact points test subjecting the helmets to various environmental crash conditions.

As far as the impact points, previously, with homologation 22.05 there were 5 points of impact:

  • Front,
  • Side,
  • Top,
  • Rear,
  • Chin-guard.

In addition to the above impact points, with homologation 22.06 there are 12 more points with a range of lower and higher speed impacts and an additional number of anvils, for a more comprehensive test.

Additional regulations:

  • A new oblique impact test has been introduced, in order to test the rotation-inducing forces caused by the helmet hitting a high friction surface
  • The flat steel anvil impact test, that besides the speed of 7.5 m/s, with the new homologation includes a wider range of speeds.
  • Additional checks on retention system
  • Additional test to the visor. The visors will be subjected to a high-speed test (60 m/s with a 6 mm steel sphere, in the eyes area to simulate the impact of a small stone)
  • Specific checks for P/J homologated helmets: this mean that the tests must be carried out both with the chin bars closed and open.
  • Helmet accessory homologation: Any helmet accessory must be tested while installed in the helmet.

Helmet labeling: How to understand if the helmet is homologated with ECE 22.06

Check the label on the chin strap and if the first two numbers next to the E mark are 06, it means that the helmet is homologated according to ECE 22.06. Otherwise, if there’s indicated 05, it means that the helmet is approved according to the previous homologation.

helmet homologation

Caberg helmets homologated ECE 22.06

Thanks to a certified laboratory Caberg can make internally not only all routine test required by the regulation ECE 22.06, but also additional in order to improve helmets safety.

Lets’ take a look at Caberg helmets with ECE 22.06 and what are the characteristics and main features.

Caberg ECE 22.06 full-face helmets

Are you looking for a full-face homologated ECE 22.06? well, let0s discover the brand-new AVALON X

AVALON X ECE 22.06 homologated
AVALON X Full-face helmet


The AVALON X combines a sport-inspired design and technical features with various solid colors and striking graphic versions.

Caberg ECE 22.06 Flip-up helmets

If you are a touring rider looking for the ideal flip-up with ECE 22.06 dual P/J homologation, well Caberg offers different models:

  • The LEVO X our top of the range flip-up model with avant- garde technical features;

LEVO X helmet

  • The HORUS X the flip up model characterized by an elegant design and equipped with a panoramic wide visor;

HORUS X flip-up helmet

  • The DUKE EVO the brand-new flip up helmet, a great value for money product, with high safety levels;

DUKE EVO ECE 22.06 homologated

  • The DUKE X Extremely practical and easy to use with a captivating design;

DUKE X filp-up helmet

  • The TOURMAX X the flip up model equipped with a removable peak. An adventure helmet which combines both touring and off-road capabilities;

TOURMAX X ECE 22.06 homologated

Caberg ECE 22.06 open face helmets

If you are looking for an open face helmet with innovative and elegant design, conceived for everyday riding and commuting, the Caberg offers two models, ECE 22.06 homologated, that are the RIVIERA V4 X and the FLYON II

Very easy to use and comfortable, the FLYON II and the RIVIERA V4 X are the perfect helmets for your daily commuting or touring.

Safety should come first for every motorcycle rider, and we know that well at Caberg; that’s why we offer a complete and various range of helmet models, ECE 22.06 homologated, according to your specific riding needs.

Find out more about Caberg complete helmets range.


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