Touring flip-up helmet: characteristics and advantages

In order to fully enjoy your motorcycle adventures, it’s essential to have the right helmet companion. Let’s find out the characteristics of a flip-up helmet!

touring flip-up helmet

In order to fully enjoy your motorcycle adventures, it’s essential to have the right helmet companion. Let’s find out the characteristics of a touring flip-up helmet!

For a motorcycle addict there is nothing better than being able to tackle exciting winding roads, discover new routes, and enjoy beautiful panoramas.

While riding, in order to fully enjoy your trip, you need not only complete confidence with your motorcycle, but you need also the right helmet for maximum safety and comfort.

Among the different types of helmets, we are going to explore the touring flip-up model.  flip-up or modular helmets combine great protection, high performance especially during long journeys and versatility. Are you curious to learn more?

The features of a modular touring helmet

A modular helmet, also called a flip-up helmet, is a helmet with a shell separated from the chin guard. The chin guard can be detached from the shell when desired, using a release button on the front. A modular helmet guarantees, therefore, the safety of both the head and the chin when the chin guard is lowered (exactly like an integral helmet), while when the chin guard is raised the protection will only be for the head.

Flip-up helmets can be approved for use on the road in three different configurations:

  • Flip-up helmet approved as a jet helmet: the approval label on the strap will bear the letter J (“JET”). This is the typical approval of jet helmets (open) so the chin guard is never protective for the chin and face.
  • Flip-up helmet approved as a full-face helmet: the approval label on the strap will bear the letter P (“protective”). This is the typical approval of full-face helmets and some flip-up helmets, guaranteeing protection both to the head and to the chin. In this case the user must always have the chin guard lowered/closed with the vehicle in motion and will open the chin guard only when it is stopped.
  • Flip-up helmet simultaneously approved as a full face and jet helmet: the approval label on the strap will bear the letter P/J (“Protective/Jet”). With this approval, the helmet is tested and approved with the chin guard completely closed (as a full-face helmet) and then with the chin guard completely raised (as a jet helmet). In this case, the user can drive safely both with the chin guard lowered and raised.

In order to fully enjoy the features of a modular touring helmet, it’s important that it has been approved with the dual homologation P/J; that’s why all Caberg flip-up models are P/J approved to offer our motorcyclists maximum safety and the best usability.   Moreover, the majority of Caberg modular helmets have been approved to the latest ECE 22.06 homologation standards with the dual homologation P/J.

Modular helmets are versatile and can be worn in different riding situations and weather conditions. it allows riders to have their faces fully exposed to the elements or protected, it also lets your face breathe and enjoy more a panorama just by raising the chin guard to find some relief on a hot summer day or by just closing the chin guard for greater protection in case of unexpected wind or rain.

The advantages of a modular helmet:

A dual P/J approved modular helmet can offer:

  • A practical to use in all weather conditions being possible to change the configuration while riding;
  • Easy communication with fellow riders just by lifting the chin guard when needed;
  • An Increased field of vision just by lifting the chin guard.

Caberg modular helmets

Caberg has been the first Italian company to introduce a flip up/modular helmet on the market, mainly believing, already back in the 90’s, on the great growth potential of the touring market.

Nowadays, Caberg boasts various flip-up models all characterized by great comfort, safety, functionality, and fine esthetic.

Let’s discover the full Caberg flip-ups range!

Avant-garde technical solutions and a panoramic visor: LEVO X and HORUS X

The LEVO X and the HORUS X models combine an elegant design and a panoramic ultra-wide visor. The LEVO X helmet is available with the shell made of fiberglass and in the version with the shell in carbon, while the HORUS X model is made of thermoplastic material.

Both models are equipped with a panoramic ultra-wide visor that offers one of the best wide fields of view in its category due to the amplified visibility in the front part equal to 82°.

Can you picture yourself being completely immersed in the beautiful surrounding during your ride?

Great comfort and captivating design for the DUKE EVO and DUKE X models

The DUKE EVO and the DUKE X modular helmets combine technical features with original and captivating design available in different colors and graphic versions.

SINTESI: The helmet with a comfortably generous fit

The right helmet first of all must fit correctly and be comfortable. The SINTESI model is addressed to those touring riders who need an extra generous fit; in fact, it’s offered in the sizes XXL and XXXL.

TOURMAX X: the unique adventure dual-sport flip-up helmet

If you are looking for a flip -up helmet which combines both touring and off-road capabilities, well, the TOURMAX X is the perfect helmet for you!

The TOURMAX X modular helmet is equipped with a peak, typical of the off-road helmets segment, that is easily removable, to protect your eyes from rocks and gravel, but it can be also used with the chin-guard raised during medium-long distances on paved roads, thanks to the dual P/J homologation.

All the above flip up models are produced in Italy at Caberg headquarters in Bergamo.

Now you just need to choose the right flip-up helmet for you!

To learn more about the entire Caberg flip-ups range, please click here.


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