The Caberg Horus flip-up tested by Bennetts

The new Caberg Horus flip-up features the wide “PANORAMIC ULTRA-WIDE VISOR” reviewed by Bennetts Rewards member Megan Wimpress.

caberg filp-up horus

Date Reviewed: January 2021. Tested by: Bennetts Rewards member Megan Wimpress

The new Caberg flip-up Horus is characterized by a “PANORAMIC ULTRA-WIDE VISOR” that offers the best fields of view in its category. We gave one to Bennetts Rewards member Megan Wimpress, who’s worn it for just under 1,000 miles so far on her 1998 Honda Hornet 600, riding on everything from B-roads to motorways.

Among the strengths of the Caberg flip-up Horus are: the dual homologation P/J that means that the helmet has been tested and approved to offer protection with both the chin guard down (P configuration) as well as up (J configuration) in total safety according to the ECE 22.05 regulation; the lightweight, a great ventilation, the anti-fog Pinlock Max vision lens, and the integrated sunshade visor Double Visor tech.

Megan Wimpress’s verdict is that the Horus flip-up is extremely good value for money taking in consideration all its innovative features that make it the ideal helmet for daily urban commute as well as off-road adventures.

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