The Caberg Flyon Jet tested by Bennetts

The new Caberg Flyon jet with wide field of view and extraordinary ventilation system was reviewed by Jon Mansfield, member of Bennetts Rewards.

Caberg flyon jet

Caberg Flyon Jet is the new Caberg jet helmet ideal for daily commute as well as for longer touring routes. The large field of view and the extraordinary ventilation system make the Fylon the perfect open face for those who are looking for comfort without compromising style and design. 

We gave one Flyon to Jon Mansfield, a Bennetts Rewards member and riding instructor at 1on1 Rider Training in Bedford, where he used it for work and pleasure over more than 2,000 miles riding everything from his own Kawasaki ZZR1100 to an ER6 and a Honda Grom. The review overall evaluation is that being an open face, the Flyon cannot be as safe as a full-face helmet, but It still can offer real protection from stones and bugs. 

Jon Mansfield highly recommends the Caberg Flyon Jet to those who like jet helmets. Moreover, he emphasizes the great comfort to wear the jet Flyon for long summer journeys while enjoying the beautiful panorama.

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Date Reviewed: January 2021. Tested by: Bennetts Rewards member Jon Mansfield


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