Motorbike communication has never been easier with the Caberg Just Speak Evo

The JUST SPEAK EVO Bluetooth headset: quick to assemble and easy to use. It allows you to communicate on the bike in a clear and simple way.

Caberg Just Speak EVO

The JUST SPEAK EVO is a Bluetooth system device compatible with all Caberg Helmets that allows to easily communicate while riding your motorbike. The product is compliant with and adopts the Bluetooth® Specification 3.0

Some bikers prefer the quiet and ease of a ride alone, but others like the possibility to share and communicate with the passenger or listen to music while riding. In order to satisfy everyone’s needs, Caberg has introduced the JUST SPEAK EVO headset: easy and quick to install. 

Why should you need it? Because with the JUST SPEAK EVO is possible to:

·      Perform handsfree calls

·      Listen to music

·      Follow GPS navigation voice instructions via Bluetooth

·      have intercom conversations with the passenger using as well the JUST SPEAK EVO device

Easy and safe mobile phone pairing

The cell phone pairing is very easy to do, but in case you need some help, it’s possible to follow the instruction guide at www.caberg.it. With the JUST SPEAK EVO is possible to make handsfree calls as well as accept or reject calls by voice command thanks to VOX technology if your cell phone supports voice command. Moreover, the Multipoint pairing functionenables your JUST SPEAK EVO headset to maintain an active connection with two mobile phones.

Bluetooth GPS navigation pairing is a piece of cake!

The GPS navigation pairing is an easy task just by connecting your JUST SPEAK EVO headset to your compatible Bluetooth GPS (intercom Bluetooth GPS profile needed).

THE CABERG JUST SPEAK EVO is compatible with the models: 

·       LEVO

·       HORUS

·       DUKEII

·       DROID

·       TOURMAX

·       DRIFT EVO

·       FLYON

·       UPTOWN

·       FREERIDE

·       GHOST

·       RIVIERA V3

·       AVALON

·       RIVIERA V4

To see in details all the features of the JUST SPEAK EVO Wireless Communication system and download the instruction guide, visit: https://www.caberg.it/en/just-speak-bluetooth/



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