Helmet's features

Technical details Drift EVO

  • Shell: Fiberglass
  • Shell: carbon (model Drift Evo Carbon)
  • Double shell size
  • Double visor (clear + smoke)
  • Quick release visor system
  • Anti-scratch visor with Pinlock Max Vision
  • Tilting visor
  • Double D-ring buckle
  • Internal air-circulation
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Rain protection rims
  • Removable wind-stop
  • Intercom ready
Small shell
XS 53/54
S 55/56
M 57/58
Large shell
L 59/60
XL 61/62
XXL 63/64
  • Fiberglass helmet

    1380 +/- 50gr

  • Carbon helmet

    1280 +/- 50gr

dettaglio casco
  • ece-2205
  • Pinlock pinlock-70-max-vision-included
  • Double Visor Tech
  • Shell size 2
  • Glasses seating
  • Caberg Drift EVO extra characteristics
  • Intercom ready
  • Bluetooth pro-speak-evo


Pinlock 70 max vision included
Clear anti-scratch visor with pins
Clear anti-scratch visor with pins


Smoke anti-scratch visor with pins
Smoke anti-scratch visor with pins


Mirrored silver anti-scratch visor with pins
Mirrored silver anti-scratch visor with pins


Mirrored gold anti-scratch visor with pins
Mirrored gold anti-scratch visor with pins


Anti-scratch sun visor
Anti-scratch sun visor


Pinlock lens
Pinlock lens


Pro Speak Evo



With PRO SPEAK EVO you can listen to/manage music in stereo, make and receive phone calls, talk to the passenger or bike to bike up to 200 mt. with digital quality and DSP system for noise suppression. Compatible with integrated connectivity and control systems adopted by the major motorcycle manufacturers (BMW, KTM, Ducati, etc.). To ensure maximum safety, our helmet models homologated ECE 22.06, have passed also all the requirements set by the EU regulation with the Caberg Pro Speak Evo communication system installed.

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The DRIFT EVO joins the well-known Drift model raising even more the standards to satisfy the most demanding sporty riders.

This helmet is the result of the experience gained by the company’s racing department and the riders who wear the DRIFT EVO in many championships.
The shell is produced in 2 sizes (the small one from XS to M, while the bigger one from size L to XXL) that, together with an innovative inner lining, offer the perfect balance between comfort and fitting. The rear spoiler gives a sporty and aggressive look to the helmet, enhances the aerodynamics at higher speed and reduces the turbulences. As far as the inner lining, the cheek pads have been redesigned to offer a closer fitting; it is possible to change and install a different size to get a custom-correct fit. The DRIFT EVO quick release visor mechanism allows visor self-adjustment to guarantee a close contact of visor and window beading. Thanks to the visor mechanism with a spring double movement, it will not be necessary to manually regulate it in order to avoid incoming of water or air. Moreover, the lever on the left side of the visor mechanism consents to stop the position of the visor at 0,5cm from the window beading to avoid or eliminate fogging, which is absorbed by the wind while riding even at higher speed. When the lever is lifted, the visor is locked to avoid sudden opening during a ride or fall.
The DRIFT EVO is also equipped with a transparent anti-scratch visor, an adjustable Pinlock lens Max Vision to avoid fogging, and an integrated anti-scratch sunshade visor DVT (Double Visor Tech) easily manoeuvrable with a lateral lever.
The lower vent on the chin guard drives air directly to the inner side of the visor to avoid misting; the vent on top channels fresh air inside the helmet through numerous air grooves, while the rear vent favours the discharge of hot and stale air.
The DRIFT EVO is offered in two solid versions White and Matt black. Moreover, it is offered in the graphic version INTEGRA with matt finish in two color combinations; the graphic version DRIFT EVO MR55 in white/fluo red/ blue designed by Starline with an extra dark visor included in the box; and the brand new graphic LB29 offered in two colors combinations both with glossy finish. The versions available with shell made of Carbon are: DRIFT EVO CARBON PRO with full carbon shell and glossy finish, with an extra dark visor included in the box; and the brand-new two versions DRIFT EVO CARBON SONIC with graphic in red and in white both with a glossy finish. All the versions are equipped with removable and washable lining including the padding on the chinstrap; double D-ring for the retention system and ready to install most of the communication systems present on the market thanks to the space dedicated to speakers and microphone. DRIFT EVO can be equipped with the Caberg communicator PRO SPEAK EVO.
dettaglio casco Drift EVO

WARNING: This helmet is not homologated for use in the United States of America and Canada. The helmet has been homologated according to the European Standard requirement ECE 22.05 and 22.06; therefore the use of this helmet is allowed only in the countries/nations where the homologation standard ECE/ONU 22.05 and 22.06 is in force. Models may vary and not be available in all markets. As part of its policy of continuous product improvement, Caberg reserves the right to change the specifications of its products in the light of new technologies or to meet the needs of the homologation standards.

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