CABERG: the Italian helmet since 1974

The history of the company based in Bergamo, is one of challenges, passion for innovation, and safety culture in the helmets production process.

Caberg was founded in Bergamo in the North of Italy. Ca-Berg is the acronym for Caschi di Bergamo (Helmets from Bergamo).
The Company launches two products that are the full face Articolo 100 and the open face with a peak named Articolo 300.
Launches the model Ventura characterized by an innovative release spring visor system; and the model named Total Cross, the first helmet dedicated to the off road.
Introduction of the modern full face Contender offered in various colors.
Caberg releases the full face model 184 characterized by a wide visor, and the model 384 conceived for the off road.
Presents the 385, a very modern model for its time; the helmet, equipped with a peak and visor was conceived for the dualsport market.
Caberg develops the model 191, a full face with a sporty look and the model Junior that is the company’s first full face for kids.
Caberg is the first Italian company to develop a revolutionary flip up helmet named 292 Unlimited.
The big news is the model Just One, the first flip up on the market that not only can be easily converted into an open face, but it also enables the opening of the chin guard with a single button.
Caberg introduces the model Downtown, an innovative open face equipped with a second integrated sunglasses-shaped visor.
Justissimo is the exclusive new flip up with the integrated sun visor and it can be easily converted from a flip up into an open face.
Following the huge success of the Downtown and the Justissimo, Caberg releases the model Solo, the first full face equipped with the second integrated sun visor.
Caberg develops the model V2X Carbon, a sporty full face with the outer shell in carbon fiber and the integrated sun visor.
The full face helmet Ego, characterized by an unique ventilation system to ease the air passage through a totally pierced integrated steel plate.
Again ahead of its time, Caberg introduces the model Tourmax, the world’s first flip up dual-sport helmet.
The year of the Ghost, an aggressive and futuristic open face with a goggle-shaped visor.
The big news is the Drift Evo, a sporty touring model made of fiberglass and carbon.
Caberg presents the high-end flip up LEVO in fiberglass characterized by a panoramic ultra-wide visor
Caberg presents the high-end jet FLYON in fiberglass
Caberg introduces the new aggressive full-face AVALON conveived for young riders
The DRIFT EVO CARBON range is enriched with the graphic version DRIFT EVO CARBON SONIC
Caberg presents the new DUKE EVO, flip up model with an aggressive look and homologated ECE 22.06 P/J
Caberg celebrates its 50th Anniversary by presenting the brand-new DRIFT EVO II helmet. A top of the range full-face model offered both in fiberglass and in the Carbon version. This model is equipped with the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID, an innovative technology in the world of helmets, that allows the motorcyclists to store medical data and emergency contacts.

A constant look to the future together with captivating design, avant-garde technology and breakthrough innovation led to conceive and produce numerous successful models with innovative features appreciated and well recognized by bikers all around the world.

Caberg has been the first Italian company to introduce a flip up helmet (system helmet) on the market, and the second one worldwide, mainly believing on the great growth potential of the touring market. During the years, the strength point of Caberg has been focusing on smart helmets by combining look with functionality. Care of our premises, located in a modern building, are concentrated the management, the production department and a test laboratory, which guarantees successful conformity tests required by the law, so that the products will offer the highest safety and top comfort to the motorcyclist.
The production is constantly checked through a severe quality test process that has guaranteed at 8 range models to be awarded with an excellent score by the SHARP safety test done by the U.K. Department of Transport.
The commercial network reaches most of the European markets and it is present in various non-European countries such as Turkey, Israel, Kuwait, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico and many others South American states.

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