Style and comfort with your Caberg vintage open face

Are you a vintage lover? Have you been looking for an open face helmet that combines functionality with a retro style? Let’s find out the right helmet for you.


Are you a vintage lover? Have you been looking for an open face helmet that combines functionality with a retro style? Let’s find out the right helmet for you.

Although you may already be aware, we’d like to remind you the fact that when browsing new helmets, the first thing to look out for is safety.

Once verified that the helmet you like meets the proper homologation safety standards, you can then look for other important factors to choose the right helmet.

Surely you have then to look out for the right fitting, comfort, and features based on your riding style and needs.

If you are used to ride your motorcycle in the rain, a helmet with an anti-fog visor system will do the trick for your rides. If you use the helmet for short daily commutes, a lightweight and small dimensioned open face, easy to store under the seat, could be the perfect choice for you.

And, why not take in consideration also the esthetic aspects. After all, the helmet is our daily companion during short commutes, trips out-of-town, and even through moments of fun. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to choose a helmet that meets also your taste and style.

Especially, if you are a vintage style lover, we bet you’ll look for a helmet that perfectly suits your gentlemen riding style!

Lets’ find out what are the main characteristics and features of a retro open face helmet.

Vintage open face helmet: a blend of elegance and attention to details

The vintage open face models have that typical old-school shell look, true to the iconic 70’s style.

Retro open face helmets are designed to look like a classic style lid from the past while making full use of modern technologies and comfort. If you have a café racer motorcycle you may look for a vintage style helmet that will perfectly go with your bike.

A vintage open face helmet shall have the following characteristics:

  • It must be certified for road use. As for all other helmets, safety comes first;
  • It must be comfortable. A helmet should fit properly and with high quality and transpiring linings.
  • High-quality finishing details. Refined materials finishes
  • Least but not last, the helmet should be aesthetically pleasing. Captivating colors or graphics to stand out from the crowd.

The Freeride and the Ghost: Caberg retro style open face models

We have to admit, at Caberg we are vintage style enthusiasts! Among the various open face models, there is the FREERIDE, our retro style inspired open face model.

The FREERIDE vintage open face

The FREERIDE is the ideal open face model that combines functionality with aesthetic. The outer shell is available both in fiber glass or in carbon. The small shell dimension enabled to reach a weight slightly above 800 gr. so that it can be stored under narrow seats. The FREERIDE is characterized by an elegant look and stylish retro graphics.

vintage open face FREERIDE
FREERIDE: the Caberg vintage open face


Caberg carefully focused on high quality, refined materials and details all 100% made in Italy such as:

  • The five rivets on the rim
  • The steel air intakes on the neck device
  • The goggles holder with serigraphy
  • Leather inserts

The lining is completely removable and washable made with breathable fabrics and leather details.

The FREERIDE is available in many vintage color and graphic versions:

  • The solid color versions (matt black, matt anthracite, white, and matt military green)

jet FREERIDE - solid color

  • The Carbon fiber version;

jet FREERIDE Carbon

  • The elegant graphic Formula available in 3 color versions (black, brown, and light grey)

vintage open face FREERIDE Formula

  • The Iron and the Rusty versions, with a brushed effect thanks to the handmade finishing

vintage open face FREERIDE Iron and Rusty

  • The Maori graphic version for real stunners

jet FREERIDE Maori

  • The Nuke graphic version with a vintage and urban style.


And, you can complete the look in pure vintage style, with the Century goggles, available as accessory in after-market!

vintage Century goggles
Century goggles


The GHOST open face

Are you attracted to vintage style helmets, but at the same time you look for something original? Well, the jet GHOST is the helmet for you!

A versatile and original open face helmet, the GHOST is the perfect helmet for those riders who are not afraid to dare and don’t want to settle for a single style.

vintage open face GHOST
GHOST: Functionality and aggressive design


As for the FREERIDE open face helmet, the GHOST is available in various graphic designs. It is equipped with a particular goggle shape visor that adheres to the face thanks to the foam profile along the inner lower side of the visor, and an easy-to-use mask to protect the face from the cold in the winter months and from debris and insects.

Thanks to a spring tilting system, it is very simple and intuitive to open and close the visor with only one hand. This characteristic differs GHOST from the other open face helmets on the market equipped with simple goggle, mask, and standard elastic strap bands.

Riders’ can wear the GHOST in 4 different configurations:

  1. Fitted with the visor, the foam profile along the inner lower side of the visor, and the mask;
  2. Fitted with the visor and the mask, but without the foam profile of the visor (ideal configuration during hot summer months);
  3. Fitted with the visor and the foam profile but without the mask
  4. Fitted only with the visor, without the foam profile and the mask
GHOST configurations
GHOST 4 configurations


And to look even more impressive, why not go for one of the various colored mirrored visors available for the GHOST?

Both the FREERIDE and the GHOST open face helmets are the best choice for vintage style passionate riders.

Now you just need to choose the right vintage open face helmet for you!

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