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A “crazy project” to bring humanitarian aid to Burkina Faso: Caberg is with Antonio and Francesca!

Caberg, with the Tourmax Marathon flip-up helmet, has decided to support the “crazy journey” solidarity initiative on two wheels with enthusiasm and satisfaction.


#PROGETTOFOLLE03 has started: our friends Antonio Cinotti and Francesca Munari, supported by the no-profit organizations Bambini Nel Deserto and Fondazione Fabrizio Meoni Onlus, will ride 7.000 kilometres through Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso wearing our helmets Tourmax Marathon, that, thanks to the dual homologation and the 5 stars SHARP, guarantee the best comfort and safety under all weather conditions.

Caberg decided to adhere with enthusiasm to such an incredible initiative on two wheels by providing its flip-up helmet Tourmax: the best accomplishment will be helping young kids at a professional training school, while experiencing other cultures, traditions, and unforgettable scenarios. These students will also receive some helmets in order to be able to familiarize and start attempting to disassemble the components.

Taking part in this project means a lot to Caberg, because the company has always been highly committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are so proud of you, Antonio and Francesca! Have an incredible journey guys!


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