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Caberg at the AGNELLOTREFFEN together with Alessandro, Lorena, Sami, and Ilaria!

This year Caberg is pleased to participate in the Agnellotreffen event by supplying the Drift, Droid, Xtrace and Duke II models to Alessandro, Lorena, Sami and Ilaria who will take part in the event.

The Agnellotreffen, the highest winter moto rally in Italy, is now in its 5th edition and will take place from the 26th to 28th of January 2018. This year Caberg is glad to accompany 4 bikers and their legendary Royal Enfields by providing them with the helmets Drift, DroidXtrace, and Duke II. The riders are: Bullet (Alessandro);  Himalayan (Lorena), Continental GT (Sami), Bullet Classic (Ilaria).

The moto rally will start from Milan and will conclude in Pontechianale; a small village in the Varaita Valley (province of Cuneo) situated at 1.614 mt and considered one of the most coveted ski area destinations in the Italo-Swiss Alps. Every winter, in Pontechianale, for a weekend the skis leave room for 2 wheels, turning the small village into a veritable melting pot for all the irreducible European bikers and not only!.

The Agnellotreffen, created in 2013 by a group of winter bikers, nowadays counts a total of 2.000 attendees including visitors and effective participants (approximately 1.600) who, in addition to a camping area, will have at their disposal a square of 1.600sqm, where a lot of activities will take place such as: tasting of typical products, visiting local craft shops, and wandering around the booths in the exhibiting area. Music performances, challenge with no-gear mopeds, parades, and many others: overall a great way to welcome and entertain the participants!

Since, the organizers of the Agnellotreffen have always cared about solidarity projects, this time, they have decided to devolve part of the money collected from the inscriptions in support of the environment, in specific to send aid for the areas recently affected by serious fires. The intent of this gesture is to help all those people who live in areas where the preservation of nature is essential for their living and activities.

Stay tuned with the event:


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