The Riviera V4: the brand-new demi jet with innovative and elegant design

The new 2021 is Riviera V4. Practical, comfortable and perfect for all your needs, without sacrificing safety and comfort.

The RIVIERA V4 is Caberg’s brand-new open face for 2021!

Versatile and practical, the RIVIERA V4 blends captivating and modern design with comfort; the ideal helmet for everyday urban riding.

The RIVIERA V4 open face: practical daily use

Have you been looking for a helmet that meets your daily needs and protects you through traffic jams? Well, the RIVIERA V4 is the perfect solution that suits your needs.

Thanks to its small sized shell dimension, the RIVIERA V4 can easily fit under narrow seats, so you don’t have to carry it wherever you go. All without skimping on comfort and safety!

The best comfort for weekend getaways!

Not only daily motorcycle commuting, but also leisure trips!

Many are the features that make the RIVIERA V4 the ideal companion for your weekend gateways:

·      Two shell sizes to offer the best fitting

·      The ventilation system offers optimal comfort even during the most extreme weather conditions 

·      The exclusive system Double Visor Tech: outer clear visor+ sunshade integrated visor

·      Ready for the Caberg JUST SPEAK EVO Bluetooth communications system (https://www.caberg.it/en/just-speak-bluetooth/)

Modern yet simple, and original: choose your RIVIERA V4!

Very comfortable and practical the RIVIERA V4 wins you over at first glance!

Now it’s time to choose the color version you prefer.

Looking for simplicity? Choose one of the 4 single color versions available:

·      Matt Black

·      White

·      Matt Gun Metal

·      Matt Blue Yama

If you would like to stand out in the crowd, choose the graphic ELITE available in 4 different color combinations or the eye-catching RIVIERA V4 MUSE available in the sizes XS, S, and M!

Check out all the new RIVIERA V4 features and colors available by visiting:https://www.caberg.it/en/helmets/jet/riviera-v4


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