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Road safety program: Caberg with the Italian Motorcycle Federation

Road safety program: Caberg with the Italian Motorcycle Federation

The Italian Motorcycle Federation, in collaboration with a group of road safety trainers, has organized 25 events in the last six months to promote a full road safety program for young people and adults. Also Caberg has taken part to the project supplying the model EGO which has been utilized in the schools meetings and on the road, in the safety driving tests.

The main purpose of these meetings is to sensitize people towards road safety and encourage them to increase prudence during a motorcycle’s  riding. It is important to gain awareness of the risks and learn to recognize and respect the safety limits to not put at risk the other people on the road and yourself as well.

Thanks to motorcyclist material, the attendees, and among them the students of a lot of Lombardy schools, could implement what they have learnt during the theory lessons by doing real driving tests. The guys, after had been wearing a Caberg Ego, mounted on a scooter under the supervision of the trainers and they rode along an itinerary specifically studied for the purpose: with obstacles, curves, starts and arrests.

A funny but extremely educational experience during which the guys got many advises and a lot of information about the safety driving techniques, about the safety laws and the protections that must be used during a motorcycle riding. A great occasion also for Caberg that always cares about the safety of all the riders and was happy to donate the model Ego, extremely comfortable and safe in every driving conditions, to this educational initiative. 

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