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Dual homologation P/J: safe and practical flip-up helmets

Dual homologation P/J: safe and practical flip-up helmets

The Dual homologation P/J is very important in order to be able to use your flip-up helmet in complete safety: let’s find out about it.

The letters “P” and “J” indicate that you can legally wear your dual homologated modular helmet in either:

·   P (“protective”) full face
·   or J (“jet”) open configuration while you are riding.

If a flip-up helmet is homologated only
with P configuration, it means that it was designed to offer protection only with the chin guard down and so act as a full-face helmet. A flip-up helmet approved with both P/J instead can be used safely either with the chin guard open (J configuration) or closed (P configuration)

What is dual P/J homologation

In order to obtain the dual P/J approval, the helmets must meet and pass all the homologation tests required by UN/ECE regulations both with the chin-guard closed (P configuration) and open (J configuration).

doppia omologazione


Caberg has introduced the first flip-up helmet with P/J homologation in 2009, and all current flip-up helmets in the range are tested and approved for P/J dual use in order to ensure you to ride safely in both configurations according to your needs.

How to know if the helmet is P/J certified

It’s very easy to verify if your helmet is P/J approved! You can just check for the P/J mark on the ECE homologation type-approval label sewn on the chinstrap of your helmet.





Caberg flip-up models:

As already mentioned, all Caberg current flip-up helmets have been tested and approved with P/J homologation, actually as many as 6 different models to choose from:

·   LEVO: for the most demanding riders.
·   HORUS: perfect both for touring and urban commute.
·   DROID: the flip-up with an aggressive design for those who do not want to go unnoticed.
·   DUKE II: captivating design and innovative technical solutions.
·   TOURMAX: for those with a dual-sport motorcycle.
·   SINTESI: for those who have a XXL & XXXL size.


 Discover the complete Caberg flip-up range:

  • Dual homologation P/J: safe and practical flip-up helmets
Dual homologation P/J: safe and practical flip-up helmets
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