Caberg CPL

CPL - Caberg Pump Lining

The acronym CPL (Caberg Pump Lining) indentifies the inflatable lining system for Caberg helmets.

Thanks to two buttons positioned on the back of the helmet, it is possible to customize the fitting by inflating and deflating the air pockets both for the cheek pads and the neck device. The CPL system provides a personal correct fit according to the rider's facial characteristics, and it is suitable for any type of use: more adherent at higher speeds and less narrow at slow speed routes. Caberg flip-up model MODUS have been equipped with this system since it is of great interest especially to the Touring market; It is ideal for the riders who want to spend many hours on the motorcycles while wearing their Caberg helmet with a custom fit both on the cheek and the neck areas. Caberg CPL system not only helps to minimize wind noise but it also guarantees a long lasting comfortable fit compensating the inevitable reduction of the lining thickness over time.

CPL Pump system
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